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Ad Spend:

The amount in U.S. dollars allotted to the campaign, as reported by the advertiser.

Attribution Dimension:

A specific subset of data planned for tracking during a campaign. Examples of a dimension are audience, publisher, creative – as well as a media inventory type, and the mix thereof. Dimensions are used to gain granular insight into campaign performance for optimization.

Audience-Matched Control:

Unexposed users that have been matched to a set of exposed users to calculate LCI® Lift. The control group is selected to match exposed users on demographics, technology usage, geography, and historical visitation pattern.

Average Exposure Frequency:

The average number of times a set of exposed users were served an ad during the campaign.
Calculation: total impressions / total # unique audience reached

Average Visit Frequency:

The average number of visits by a set of users during a given time period.
Calculation: total location visits / total unique visitors

Exposed Users:

Unique users who were exposed to campaign advertising.


Total number of ad impressions that were recorded as delivered during the campaign, or during the specified date range.

Incremental Lift:

The percentage of visits from exposed users that can be attributed to the advertising campaign.

Incremental Visits:

The number of visits by exposed users that that can be attributed to the advertising campaign.
Calculation: (exposed visits) x (Incremental Lift)

Locations Measured:

The specified locations to which visitation is being measured.

Location Visits:

The number of visits by a set of unique users during a specified time period.
A DMA® scaling factor is applied to observed visits to calculate this number.

Unique Device:

A device identifiable and measurable by 9D.

Unique User:

A person, with one or more unique devices, identifiable and measurable by 9D.

DMA® (Designated Market Area) is a licensed term by The Nielsen Company.
Exposed Visit Ratio (EVR) =

Exposed Device Visit Rate = Total Exposed ÷ Exposed Unique Devices ÷ General Population Visit Rate

Where General Population Visit Rate = General Population Visits ÷ General Population Devices

Location Conversion Index (LCI®) Lift =

(Exposed Audience Lift – Audience Matched Control Lift) ÷ (Total Exposed + Control Visits) * 100

Local Conversion Index (LCI®) Overall Projected Store Visits =

Exposed Device Visits * ND Device ÷ DMA Size Ratio

Local Conversion Index (LCI®) Incremental Projected Store Visits =

Overall Projected Store Visits * LCI® Lift

Local Conversion Index (LCI®) Organic Projected Store Visits =

Overall Projected Store Visits – Incremental Projected Store Visits

Cost Per Overall Store Visit =

Spend ÷ Overall Projected Store Visits

Cost Per Incremental Store Visit =

Spend ÷ Incremental Projected Store Visits

LCI® Report Dimension Mobile App Min Imps w/ Valid Device IDs * Mobile Web/Desktop Min Imps
Location Conversion Index® – Campaign 10 MM 25 MM
Location Conversion Index® – By Audience 10 MM per audience 25 MM per audience
Location Conversion Index® – By Creative 10 MM per creative 25 MM per creative
Location Conversion Index® – By IO Line 10 MM per IO line 25 MM per IO line
Location Conversion Index® – By Channel Partner 10 MM per channel 25 MM per channel
Location Conversion Index® – By Site 10 MM per site 25 MM per site
Location Conversion Index® – By Placement 10 MM per placement 25 MM per placement

* Note: Feasibility assessment required by NinthDecimal Product Team to request waiver of required minimum campaign impressions.

These benchmarks represent the average LCI® Lift seen in our analysis from January 1 to December 31, 2016. There were 854 Lift Measures analyzed. All of the categories reported here include at least 30 campaigns for statistical significance.

Overall 8.5%

By Vertical
Overall 8.5%
Telecom 4.2%
QSR 9.5%
CPG 4.2%
Auto 6.4%